will purchase pipe collections both large and small, in accordance with the following policy.  

Purchase offers: An offer to evaluate your estate is NOT a guarantee to purchase them from you. We evaluate all estates on an individual basis, and may or may not decide to make an offer on your pipes, or accept them in trade for merchandise. We will offer 30-45% of the price we feel we can sell it for on the current used market. Of course any offer takes many things in to consideration, such as the condition of the pipe, its current collectability and our current inventory of a certain brand or pipes like it. Once we have made the evaluation, we will make a cash offer for the pipe.

Email your pipe photos to us at

Trade in Offers: If you plan to trade your pipes in against other pipes on the site, or for other merchandise, your trade in value will be higher (at least 50% of assessed value, but in some cases more) Trade dollars can be used for any item in the store.

Preliminary evaluation: We suggest you allow us to do a preliminary evaluation on your estate before sending to us. Many times we can make a fairly close offer just by seeing a few pictures of the pipes you want to trade or sell. If you are handy with a camera, and can email us the pictures, this is a good place to start. Send us the pictures, and we’ll assess them and make a preliminary offer. If the offer sounds fair to you, you can then send the pipes to us for a “physical inspection” and confirmation of the offer.

Not handy with a camera?  Feel free to send the pipes (please insure them) to:

Park-Lane Tobacconist
15 Park Avenue
Clifton Park, New York 12065

If we fail to make you an acceptable offer, we will immediately return your pipes in the condition we received them in.

Please note:  Although we will consider all pipes for purchase or trade in, pipes valued at under $50.00 may or may not qualify. All estates will be valued on a case by case basis. All offers for purchase or trade in are dependent on a physical inspection of the pipe to determine whether or not there is any hidden damage.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 1-888-64-TOBAK (1-888-648-6225) or send us an email at